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Our Targets

Targets of  HI-TIS

The experience and professionalism of the personnel of High-Tech Ingredients Solutions allows to have an organization whose main objectives are:


Applying the requirements demanded by the Health Authorities. Additionally and under request we sign any quality agreement that our customers demand.


The use of nitrogen as a micronization fluid allows the process to be safely carried out, avoiding any risk of explosion or decomposition of the micronized products.


The development of techniques and procedures is done with the utmost confidentiality signing any agreement that is required.


One of our objectives as a service company is to have an agile and flexible policy that provides quick solutions to the needs of our clients.

Environmental responsibility

Our procedures comply scrupulously with all environmental regulations.

Subvencions per la contractació laboral de persones de 30 anys i més

Aquesta actuació està impulsada i subvencionada pel Servei Públic d'Ocupació de Catalunya i finançada al 100% pel Fons Social Europeu com a part de la resposta de la Unió Europea a la pandèmia de COVID-19